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 Spreaders Construction:
Let me begin by saying this. Do not try and save money by using fishing poles or PVC as spreaders. You will only end up spending  more money in the end. I tried the fishing pole and they did not work. I spend about $60.00 for 6, 12 foot long fishing poles. Then bought a set of pre-cut fiberglass spreader kit from Max-Gain for $119.95

The kit includes the following.
  • Six pieces of 1 inch OD fiberglass tube X 6 58" long
  • Six pieces of 3/4 inch OD fiberglass tube X 6 48" long
  • Six pieces of 1/2 inch OD fiberglass tube X 6  48" long
  • Two pieces of 1.25 inch OD fiberglass tube X 4 feet long
    This kit also includes the center post.
  • Assemble the spreader by starting with the 1" OD tubing which is 58" long, and slipping the 3/4" OD in it and measure 39" you should have a total of 97" from the 1" OD end to the end of the 3/4". Then slip the 1/2" OD tubing into the 3/4" OD tubing and measure 42". You should have a total of 139" from tip to tip. Then I drill
    a hole and place a 6x32 1 1/2" screw to hole the two section together. You do this with all six spreaders.

          Place mouse over image for a larger view.

    Next measure and place all hose clamps in place with tie wraps for all your wire elements. You may need to make a small adjustment once you have the elements wires in place.

    After having to take the antenna down from the damage done by a tree during an ice storm,  I noticed that the tie warps had started to dry out. So I'm 
    doubling up on the tie wraps this time.


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