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 Center Post

 Center Post Construction:
 My center post was constructed from 1" inner diameter Schedule 40 pvc tubing 52" long that I had from another project.
Allow 12 inch or a bit more if you like to extend below the bottom of the baseplate. You will need 40" of pvc tube to
extend above the top of the baseplate which also include the 1 inch that goes through the floor flange. See center post
picture. Also notice that I drilled a hole and placed a bolt through the floor flange and pvc tubing to help prevent the tubing
from turning.
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        Center Post.
Preparing the center post for all feed line and driven element connections. If you are building a 5 band Hex Beam you will need to drill 10 holes 1" inch apart. I used 1" 8/32 brass screws, nuts and washers for the terminal connections. You will also need a clothes hanger to fish the screw through the inside of the pvc tubing, unless you choose another method of making your feed points. Picture below shows how to use the clothes hanger to fish the screws inside the tubing.
Once holes are drilled for all the bands you plan to use, e.g. 10, 12, 15 meters band side. Start with the 15 meter band and work your way out toward the 10 meter band. Then from the other side start with the 17 meter band and work out toward the 20 meter band. It will take a little time.

   Fishing screws inside pvc tubing.

Drilling out the holes for our 5 band Hex Beam. Measuring 40" of tubing starting from the baseplate to end of  the tubing.  Measure  7" from the base up the tubing will be for the 10 meter band.
Measure 11" from the base up the tubing will be for the 12 meter band.
Measure 15" from the base up the tubing will be for the 15 meter band.
Measure 19" from the base up the tubing will be for the 17 meter band.
Measure 36 1/2" from the base up the tubing will be for the 20 meter band.
Hopefully the photo below will give you some idea where each band section is located.

Location of band section

Another view of what your coaxial feed point terminal connections should look like once you've finish fishing the screw through Fig1. Fig2 Shows center post with coax connected. Your main coax feed line is connected at the top of the center post. Do not wire your center post with solid copper wire like in fig 1. I was trying something out. This does not work. Swr was very high when using this arrangement. You will need to cut all coax to length such as in fig 2. This can take some time to do. Coax used was RG 213. You can used LMR400 which I started to purchase or any good coax.

      Fig 1                      Fig 2
Seal all coax connection to keep water out with either liquid tape or silicon. I used silicon because I had some around.

Feeding your coax through the baseplate to the top of the center post, and connecting it to the 20 meter terminal connections. Use cable tie to fasten coax to center post. You may also want to create a coaxial balun using about 6 turns of your coax and 6 inch in diameter. My balun is a part of my feed line one continues run of cable.

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