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 Antenna Installation

 Hex Beam Installation Project:
 My first thought was to roof mount the antenna on the chimney, but the XYL did not like the idea of having the antenna
facing the front of the house. Not to mention it would not be easy for me to get to if it needed any repairs. So I came up with
the idea to ground mount the antenna using a push up pole. And using 4 x 4 x 12 foot post to support the 30 foot push up pole.
First thing I needed to do was dig a 2 foot hole for the post.
      Place mouse over image for a larger view.
        2 x 2 Foot Hole      4 x 4 x 12 Post in cement
I used 2 1/2 bags of redi-mix cement. 



Up Date November 21, 2011:
After a ice storm and damage done to Hex Beam by tree branches. I change my mast to a crank up mast which makes it a lot easier to

raise and lower antenna. It also makes it a one man job now, thanks to a friend of mine for getting this mast for me. I first had to cut down the trees that did the damage to the antenna. So while the antenna was down and having to replace two of the center section of two spreader. I decided to give the antenna a new paint job, and also added 12 meters to it The picture below should speak for them self..






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