Yaesu FT-950 MAIN RADIO | FT-102 | IC-718 PORTABLE & BACKUP.
Kenwood TR-9130 2 METER SSB | TM 421 440 MHz.

Ameritron AL-80A HF
VHF Engineering 2 Meter SSB/Simplex 150 watt.

MFJ 989C Tuner For 80 Meter Slopping Inverter V | MFJ-1275 Sound Card Interface For Digital Modes.
Acer 19 Inch Monitors. The third was added sometime after picture was taken.
Behringer All Rack Mount Gear | Heil PR-781 Microphone.

Hex Beam Home Brew 4 bands 10-15-17-20 Meters 25 Feet. No Tuner Needed. Will Tune 6 Meter With Tuner.
Vertical Home Brew 30/40 Meters Tuner at base of antenna 19 Radials.
Slopping Inverted V 75/80 Meters 35 Feet.
Beam 6 Meters 5 Elements 17 FT Boom Home Brew. (Working ON It. Will Be At 40 Feet) 
Beam 2 Meter 4 Elements (Cushcraft A124WB) Will be replace with something bigger some day.
2 Meter SSB Copper Loops 2 Phase Together AT 35 Feet Home Brew.
144/440 Multiband Vertical (Jetstream JTB2) 35 Feet.
May 2012 just added a MFJ-826B Digital Watt Meter.

Things are always changing or being added here.



Some of the Drake equipment I once own: (PLACE CURSOR OVER ANY IMAGE FOR LAGER VIEW)
Some images may not view correctly on a small monitor. Website created with a 19 Monitor.

Front View R4B

Top View R4B

Inside View R4B

T4XB Front View

T4XB Inside View

T4XB Inside View

T4XB Bottom View

MN-2000 Tuner Front View

MN2000 Inside View

MN2000 Inside View

Low Pass Filter View Have 1 inline today

Low Pass Filter Inside View

MS4 View

Never Own This Still Would Like One 2B Receiver

Never Own 2B & 2BQ

TR3  Transceiver I tried using this in the mobile, Want see the lights Dim

TR3 Transceiver Inside

TR3 Transceiver Rear View

All photo's are courtesy of WB4HFN website. Visit this website for lots of other information on Drake, Collins & Heathkit equipment
     My Yaesu FT-102 Still have. Piece no longer own VFO,  TUNER ,SPEAKER 

Yaesu FT-102

All FT-102 Piece I own

Yaesu FT-102

Yaesu FT-102 Top View

Yaesu FT-102 Bottom View

Yaesu FT-102 PA Section

Yaesu FT-102 VFO

Yaesu FC-102 Tuner


Eico 720 Transmitter

Eico 720 CW Transmitter

Eico 720 Transmitter Front

Eico 720 Transmitter Bottom

Rear View Of Inside

Eico 720 Transmitter Inside Top

A Few Boat Anchor I Once Own

Hammarlund HQ170

Hallicrafter HT-37

Hallicrafter HT-37 Another View

Hallicrafter SX-111 MK 1 Receiver

Lafayette HE-10 Receiver